Starting and running an online business can be a rewarding experience, but many business owners and internet marketers fail to succeed due to a lack of visitor monitoring and tracking. Understanding the sources of your traffic, how visitors interact with your site, and their overall behavior is critical to the success of your online venture.

To achieve this, utilizing web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, provided by an expert, can be highly beneficial in monitoring and tracking your website performance. Based on the insights gained from these tools, necessary adjustments can be made to improve your site’s page rank, attract more visitors, and ultimately drive success for your online business.

installing tracking codes

Installing Tracking Codes

Implementing tracking codes provides valuable insights into the activity on your website. By tracking the sources of your visitors, which pages they engage with, and which pages perform best in terms of conversion, we can identify opportunities to improve your website. Based on these insights, necessary modifications can be made to enhance the user experience and drive better results for your online presence.

current performance

Current Performance

Understanding the current performance of your site in terms of visitor engagement and search engine rankings provides a valuable baseline for improvement. By comparing current performance with previous data, we can determine if your site has seen an improvement in terms of visitor engagement and search engine optimization. Based on these findings, we will work to optimize your site to make it more SEO-friendly, with the ultimate goal of driving better results for your online presence.

current performance
monthly reports

Monthly Reports

A monthly SEO report is essential for monitoring the efficacy of your online campaigns and strategies. Through a detailed analysis of the report, you can gain insights into how your campaigns are impacting your online presence and identify areas for improvement. This can help you increase your site’s page rank, attract more customers, and enhance the overall performance of your campaigns. Utilizing web analytics tools is crucial for website owners to track the performance of their site and make necessary adjustments to drive better results.


Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, website owners can gain insight into the origin of their visitors – including geographical location, time of visit, website behavior, search keywords used, etc. Essentially, it allows for the monitoring and assessment of online campaigns.

conversion tracking

Website Conversion Tracking

By monitoring website conversions, it becomes possible to understand the number of individuals who visit your site and the number of them who make a purchase during a specific time period. Utilizing this information, adjustments to your product offerings and marketing strategies can be proposed to elevate the conversion rate.

link tracking

Link Tracking

The link tracking tool enables you to monitor the sources of traffic to your website, whether it’s through PPC campaigns, organic search results, or other sources. This information is valuable in determining the success of your link-building efforts and allows you to make adjustments for improvement.

link tracking

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